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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 14, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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until 20 minutes ago. the one remaining suspect must contact established minutes ago. our thoughts and prayers with these officers, what they do every day is amazing. they fight for us, to protect and serve as peer jesse watters in for laura tonight. jesse, take it away. >> jesse: i'm jesse watters and for lauren graham, and this is to is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight, following two big breaking stories paired police on the scene, an active standoff in philadelphia, at least six police officers have been shot. what his last words to his attorney could review about epstein's mysterious death. plus, journalists attacked for daring to cover a public event for that victim is here exclusively. and portland is bracing for a battle this weekend as antifa and right wing groups based off
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in dueling protests. journalist andy ngo was hospitalized by these left-wing thugs, and is here on his fight for justice. plus, raymond arroyo exposes the new pact between jay-z and the nfl. what do the social justice warriors and mean to do? and bernie teams up with a rapper to juice his campaign. it's all in this week's "seen and unseen." but first, the fox news alert out of philadelphia, where a gunman is holding police at bay. narcotics officers were serving a warrant at a home when they came under heavy gunfire. that was just about 4:00 this afternoon. at least six officers have been injured, and the shots have not stopped. here is the philadelphia police commissioner just a short time ago. >> the shooter fired multiple rounds. officers returned fire. many of whom had to escape through windows and doors to get
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from a barrage of bullets. i will tell you, having been at that scene for the last couple of hours, trying to talk to this male, he continues to fire rounds, so this situation is no way resolved. rick leventhal is on the scene with breaking details. what you have, rick? >> first of all, it's been raining for about an hour, so makes it tougher for the police officers who have been out here since 4:30 this afternoon, son of them, with this ongoing situation. we are in the middle of broad street, right by erie, near the north philly, temple university campus. you can see a lot of police vehicles behind me. there's a command post set up here, and again, about two blocks from where the shooting erupted at 4:30 when those officers were serving warrants as part of a narcotics intervention operation. this gunman apparently open fired, i'm told, with an ar-15,
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sending many officers jumping out the windows and trapping a couple of cops upstairs on the second floor. we had heard throughout the afternoon and that the suspect may have been firing rounds through the ceiling up as officers pinned down on the second floor, who also had some other suspects they had taken into custody. as part of this ongoing and vibration. a short time ago, the s.w.a.t. team was able to get in there and get those officers out, calling them hostages, stuck inside the building, but as far as we know, the gunman is still inside. he did come according to police, wound six, and three other officers injured in car crashes racing to the scene. they have been talking to him over a bowl bullhorn, you may e heard, there was a three way call with an attorney and the suspect and the police, but he wasn't on the phone for long. we also heard he had been live streaming this ongoing operation from inside that home
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where he has been shooting out windows and firing on police, who are encouraging him to give up. so far, have not been able to get him out. the other thing, when the s.w.a.t. team tried to make the entrance, i'm told by a police source he had barricaded doors and had to retreat because the fire from the suspect was so heavy. again, at this hour, as far as we know, the police and anyone else who might have been in that building have now got it out, except for the gunman, who remains pinned down inside, refusing to give up. no one seems to know when this thing might be resolved, but a lot of police officers out here, atf, fbi, and others, while working to make it happen peer >> jesse: rick, thanks a lot, excellent reporting. i'm sure we will be checking back in with you throughout the rest of the hour. here and i former nypd commissioner bernie kerik and dan bongino, former nypd officer and fox news contributor. bernard, the s.w.a.t. team situation in philadelphia, a role home, not a lot of
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entrances, how does the s.w.a.t. team to tactically go up in there and managed to rescue multiple individuals while on the first floor, you have a gunman with an ar-15 and multiple handguns? >> look, keep in mind before they get in there, they will talk to the people who were already in the building here than narcotics guys, but before they do a search warrant, they will have a tactical plan, layout with the building looks like, some basic ideas, and there will be other intelligence that they gather. they set up cameras, put pinhole cameras, a bunch of stuff, they may put up a drone to get a look in the windows. a bunch of stuff they can do to give them insight to get up into the building. and i can tell you, the philadelphia s.w.a.t. team is one of the best, probably, in the northeast. on the bottom line, here's the reality: that guy is walking out
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or he is coming out on a gurney, one or the other. >> jesse: dan, i imagine now the hostages have been removed from the home, they have now one individual that has gone from a hostage situation to a barricaded, cop shooter situation. time is running out for him. he's got literally no options now left. i would think the police would be at a huge tactical advantage at this point, and can kind of choose their spot accordingly. >> yeah, you're right. physiologically, eventually, the purpose is going to need to sleep. obviously. i don't care how much drugs he has in his system or in the apartment, you are not going to be able to stay up all night. eventually the body is going to shut down. and jessie, you remember, police officers can change shifts. the bad guy can't. he is in there by himself, only him right now. just adding on to what bernie said, he's right, the police officers, before they do these
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raids, try to do the best to get a layout of what a similar apartment might look like. there never really going in blind. on the downside, the perp definitely has some mastery of the terrain features. he's in the building, so he's obviously going to know better with the inside of the building looks like. the problem there is you run into things called fatal funnels. in other words, when the officers come in, there is usually only one way to enter an apartment, where the bad guy can obviously funnel his attention. if you understand what i mean. the police officers don't have that luxury, and it just goes to show you again, jesse, can't say enough on the network, how brave these guys and women really are. and they know exactly what they are walking into when they walk in there, make no mistake. >> jesse: so we don't know if this guy is intoxicated. we obviously know he is scared, he's got the adrenaline pumping. he's got a lot of rounds, apparently, because it's already fired off around 100. he's had his girlfriend on the line at some point. had his attorney trying to help negotiate this thing down at
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this point. with the negotiating strategy at this point with law enforcement? because right now, it's really just a negotiation. >> most of the negotiations will be based around family, kids, girlfriends, friends, the attorney, the attorney is a big one because the attorney, he's going to be the one that got him to walk out. he's going to be the one that tells him, look, they are not going to hurt you. he's going to be the one that says it is not as bad as you think. bottom line is it's bad. it's attempted murder of six cops. but bottom line, you know, the cops have all night. they have all night, they have all day tomorrow. he has to go to sleep. he has to shut down. he will shut down. and they will pick their time. >> jesse: this all goes back, not the guns come in my opinion, dan. this is about narcotics. this about cartels sending massive quantities of narcotics into north philadelphia, whether it's pcp or heroin, crack
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cocaine, opioids, they fled the streets. they give it to the gang leaders, who then distributed in the neighborhood and run it up and down the east coast corridors. and they have to have these weapons to protect the product. to blame this on guns, like this guy with the ar -- the handgun, didn't go through a background check. it's crazy. and i think everyone needs to focus on what the real issue here is. >> yeah, i mean, can i just throw a tip out there for the presidential candidates? may be shut your pie holes -- i'm serious, let the cops on the ground, get this guy, this maniac out of the building, and let's get the cops out of the hospital before we start tweeting about our next brilliant gun control plan. that, by the way, this criminal -- as you just accurately stated -- couldn't care less about. i'm sure this guy doesn't care about your latest background check proposal.
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so can we all just like focus on the cops on the tactics now? getting people out of there safely. and by the way, the residents, jesse. there are still people who live around there. before we are tweeting our stupid electoral plans to catch another carcass boat in iowa -- i mean, how insensitive. not unbelievable, very believable, but unbelievably insensitive. >> jesse: kamala harris was i believe on another at network as the shooting was unfolding, as police officers were being rushed to the hospital to get their wounds healed. and first thing out of her mouth was political, and it was about gun control. let's listen to the outcome than burning, you can react. >> what is your reaction to these initial reports -- i stress the word initial report. >> it's nonstop, right? part of my focus is smart gun safety laws, recognize that we have to have more enforcement around gun dealers. >> jesse: just didn't really strike the right tone there appeared >> you know when she
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did that, i sent out a tweet. they don't care about those cops. it's all about politics for her and the other democrats. the bottom line is, that's reckless, it's irresponsible, shouldn't have happened. it shouldn't happen in the future, but it will continue to happen because that is all they care about. >> jesse: and dan, i believe cory booker, also running for president, said something on msnbc. let's listen to that. >> some of the most courageous officers when i was a mayor, run into buildings where they have no situational awareness, encounter weapons that have no business being on our streets come in the hands of people that would never have been able to get them if we had the most common sense background checks paired off and the voices you hear, calling for it, the kind of gun safety that i have put in my very bold plan, our police officers wanting it to happen, because their lives are getting increasingly dangerous. >> jesse: dan, i don't know about that, but i know this, whenever there is a terrorist attack in his country, they say hey, hey, pump the brakes, don't say anything, don't rush to
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judgment, let the facts come in, we don't know what motivated this, who was involved in this. but as people are being taken to the hospital, they are already pushing a political agenda here, and making all sorts of wild assumptions. >> jesse, we have an armed gunmen with cover and concealment in a location, who just tried to kill upwards of 30 or 40 cops and injured six of them, possibly more. sadly, the time period between the hot zone breakout, with the incident happens, and the political stupidity, it went from about 48 hours a decade ago, to about 48 seconds now. i mean, these are some of the most grossly insensitive comments. you have families of these officers that are on the scene with an armed gunmen, and you were on other networks talking about your new policy prescriptions? i mean, how dense, your skull has to be like 6 feet thick to
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put that out there right now. this is why i said -- i tweeted out tonight, everybody just shut your pie holes for a minute and let the people who work for a living, the cops, not the politicians, you guys and ladies don't work, that's not a real job to let the cops who actually work for a living like bernie and i did once, let them do their jobs. just shut up! nobody ever got in trouble, jesse -- i'm sorry, i'm really upset right now. nobody ever got in trouble for shutting the hill up. just be quiet. nobody needs to hear from you right now. cory booker is not the tactile commander on the scene. this guy doesn't know squat. he doesn't know anything about policing. just shut up! that the cops figure it out. there will be a time to argue gun control, whatever you think gun control means, in in a day oratorical pier just shut up, give it the 24-hour rule peered what's the problem? >> jesse: it's all right, you can call me jenny, i don't mind. >> i'm really upset, you know i
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love you. >> jesse: you were saying booker contradicted himself. >> he's talking about the weapons, good background check would have stopped it -- no, do it, are criminals. they can't do background checks, they can't get that gun. he's a. >> jesse: so i was talking earlier about the north philadelphia region, and this actual neighborhood in this section of north philadelphia is the worst neighborhood in the entire city of philadelphia. highest crime rate, most amount of drugs, most amount of poverty, and north philadelphia was not always like this. in the '40s, '50s, '60s, even the early '70s, they had a lot of jobs, steel, manufacturing, shipping, packaging, they had good, solid jobs. and all of a sudden, politicians let these jobs float overseas, and then there is no way to make money anymore, except sell drugs and then murder anybody that gets in your way. that's what happens when you
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wreck these cities. you got huge spikes in homicides. philadelphia, last year, have the highest homicide rate in the last ten years. and this year, in august, right now, they are already on record to be that. so something has to be done to get a hold on these cities,, because what is ever is happeng right now, it's not working. >> jesse, my fellow panelist, bernie, what happened with rudy giuliani and broken windows? you are the commissioner, you know exactly what happened here they brought in police commanders -- listen, i was a cop, i worked there, they brought in police commanders and said listen, what's going on in your quarter over there? nothing, just low-level drug dealing. and what did bernie come in the first deputy commissioner say, we're not too comfortable with that. you're going to clean that up. jesse, i'm telling you, these police commanders were shocked, they were used to running things themselves. what i'm trying to get ad, the
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solutions are out there. a good law and order, quality policing, where mayors and political leaders, who are usually clueless because they don't have real jobs, they can actually support the cops come on like they do now. let the cops do their job, let people like bernie and others, who understand cleanup the city just like giuliani, bernie, and others did in new york. it wasn't a mystery what happened, they just got low-level people off the street, and a low level people couldn't commit bigger crimes later. it's not a mystery. >> jesse: the act, and other department had to learn from the success here in new york but i want to bring in matt whitaker, former acting u.s. attorney general. matt, what are your thoughts here on this breaking news, as we see what is going on in philadelphia, and we are just getting him now, the six officers have now been released from the hospital, thank god. >> my heart goes out to each of those families. every day, it's just reminder, every day families sends their husbands or wives, sons or daughters, to be a police
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officer in to work, hoping they returned at night safe, and we can never forget the sacrifice of police officers all over the country. and what their families go through. this is just another example of how drugs are eroding our cities. your conversation earlier was spot on. there are ways to combat this. the federal government is in these cities with u.s. attorney attorneys, and unfortunately, you need to keep working hard every day at a federal, state, and local level to crack down on the drug dealers. >> jesse: what did you find was the most effective technique to stop the influx of narcotics into these neighborhoods? >> well, conspiracy. >> it's all about enforcement. over enforcement. keep in mind, jesse, this one thing. when giuliani came in a 1994, he said nobody wants to live, work, visit, or go to school in a place where they are not safe. is apple going to put a store, a
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business in your community if people are afraid of gunfire? of mothers are putting their babies and bathtubs at night, afraid of random gunfire? now. so without cleaning up the city, without reading the crime, reducing murder rate, you are not going to have business, you're not going to have good schools, you are not going to have none of that stuff bears all of these democrats all over the country, that run these cities into poverty and let the crime go rapid, it's wrong. that is why he don't have anything in the city. they say socioeconomic development -- no, it's nonsens nonsense. economic increases, real estate value increases, tourism increases, i can show you percentage points of increases for every percentage point we reduce crime in new york city. and giuliani left office with a 65% reduction in violent crime and a 70% reduction in murder. the most substantial reductions anywhere in this country. >> jesse: yeah, and this is
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not a coincidence, matt, it looks like, as the opioid epidemic has increased in philadelphia, it's almost following the rise in the homicide rate. i mean, those two things are absolutely connected because that's where the profits are. >> it is. and with synthetic opioids, especially, fentanyl, the profits are really extraordinar extraordinary. one of the things we need to make sure we understand, oftentimes bonds are traded for drugs, so really -- these people aren't going to stores to buy drugs, to buy their guns and going through background checks. i just think some of the politicians and their comments are just not effective to address this issue. we need cooperative nonenforcement between federal, state, and local, and we need to understand that we can send bad guys to jail. keeping them off the streets and cleaning of the neighborhoods. >> jesse: suggest taking a step back, dan, you've seen over the last may be or six years,
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this war on blue. attack on police. we saw some unfortunate situations with black males, where there was extreme tragedy, but those things were then exploited and politicized, saw the rise of black lives matter, and there's justice in some of that, but a lot of this stuff became antipolice. the chanting about fry them up like bacon, and you saw what happened down in dallas. the assassin that started picking off police officers. two nypd officers were executed, and what i hope now, we are not seeing another trend like that in that direction. >> you know, from your mouth to god's ears. i hope you're right. but unlike politicians who don't really talk to real people, because i can't emphasize enough, they don't have real jobs and don't work for a living, they just tweet all day about stupid things during a crisis. when he talked to real cops like
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guys i end up bernie and mr. whitaker worked with, the ferguson effect is really year real. here's how it manifests in the streets. in the past, when you have the backing of leadership that backs the police department -- i'm not talking about bragging malfeasance. i'm a libertarian at heart, not tech but out of order policing. when they know that the back of the political leaders, they will engage if they see shady suspicious behavior pay they may ask the subject to leave a car, maybe a pat down if they have information. you may find a gun, maybe stop a homicide paired with happening now a lot of traffic stops, you get a guy in a car who is multie cops. you may have information, may not come a discretionary situation. a lot of cops are walking away -- believe me, it's not due to any cowardice. these are the bravest men and women i know. it's because they know they won't be backed up by their leadership, they will be in the
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hot seat asked ridiculous questions, second-guessing them in a crisis by political leaders who have no idea what they are talking about. >> jesse: we are not linking the action today with any antipolice mentality. what we are saying it is is tis like this where you have to appreciate the sacrifice and bravery that law enforcement has demonstrated here. they are not here to take lives, they are all here to save lives. we saw her recently, and a lot of disrespect here on the streets of new york, one police officers were getting water thrown on them. i mean, how can that happen, when you turn around and see what they are doing now in north philadelphia. >> the water scenario, throwing buckets at cops -- how about when a cop walks into a starbucks? how about when they walk into a restaurant, and they go to get something to eat, and people say, i don't feel safe. i don't want him in here. i'm not going to serve him. really? watch what they are doing today.
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what if you were in that house? what if you were a neighbor? what if you are in that surrounding area, and you needed help? those on the men and women that put their lives on the line every single day, regardless of what color you are. they don't care where you came from. when that 911 call goes in, they respond, and they do it at their own peril. and today is a good example of that. >> jesse: just happened at a fast food restaurant over in alabama, someone taking the order of the police officer said they don't like you, i'm not going to serve you. you know what? that person got fired, rightfully so. i know, matt, you have seen a change in perception with law enforcement, i think since the president ran on a "law & order" campaign in 2015 and 2016, and he has been very supportive of law enforcement. and you can tell the country has changed and has accepted the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women in blue, and the
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things that they do, because when you spotlight these types of things, it makes you think. what kind of person takes the job, to put on a tactical vest and to kick down the door when you know there is a bad guy on the other side come all hopped up, with an ar pointed right at you. what kind of person wants to protect the community? these are great patriots, and we should just owe them a lot of respect. >> they are, and the people who take these jobs are heroic and courageous, and one of the things we did at the department of justice under president trump was go around the country and talk about backing the men and women in blue, we would always conclude our speeches with we have our back and you have our thanks. we can't say that enough, the situation that these police officers, sheriffs deputies have to deal with every day. and it's making a difference. i've seen that as i've traveled around the country, going back to my home state of iowa. i fed law enforcement say thank you for backing us, and i tell them don't thank me, thank you. you are the one, your deputies, your officers are the ones doing the hard work and the
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fundamental policing that makes our communities safer, but we can never lose sight of the mission, and that is that every child can play safely in their front yard. >> jesse: all all right, dan, l quick, how does this end tonight? >> i think they will wait him out. again, physiology will eventually take over. but remember -- the bad guy that is -- cover and concealment. meaning they can't see where he is, but he knows where they are. so if he starts engaging again from an elevated position, they may not have all the patience or the time that they need to, so we'll see. god forbid that happens but hopefully at this point he stops shooting and this thing ends peacefully. that's the best we can hope for. >> jesse: all right, gentlemen, thank you very much, and hopefully everything ends up safe and secure. stay right there, i'm going to see you in a few minutes. coming up, cnn's april ryan claims to be a champion of press freedom, but is she really? the reporter who says he was
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>> jesse: shocking new video tentative a journalist being attacked on the job. surveillance video showing the man being accosted and accosted and forcibly removed from a public speaking event for none other than american urban radio network and cnn's april ryan, who ironically is known to be a
7:29 pm
champion for press freedom. watch this. >> hello. to all of you, when i -- >> don't touch my camera, pleas please. don't you dare, put that down. if that's my. >> how dare you come in here. [indistinct shouting] >> jesse: joining me now exclusively is the man in that video, the editor of new brunswick today. all right, charlie, you went into this event were april ryan was going to be speaking, wanted to cover it from a straight news put perspective. you got credentialed. no one ever told you, or it was never written that there was no
7:30 pm
filming, and then what happened? >> i was there with my camera on a tripod, right next to another camera on a tripod. i enjoyed the evening for a couple hours, then this fellow came up to me and started, you know, ask me who i was, why is your camera here, and i gave him my business card, explained, and he told me if i don't take that camera down, he will take the camera down for me. one thing led to another, he grabbed the camera and hightailed it out of the room. >> jesse: really you the only one booted out of, others left a film? >> i was the only one, and i wasn't booted, i voluntarily left because he stole my camera. >> jesse: other people were able to film and you weren't? >> there were other people with video and taking pictures. >> jesse: may be they mistook you for me. >> i don't know what the misunderstanding was, but i was definitely felt violated. >> jesse: so it was a bodyguard, you believe, of april ryan. >> yes, that is what the police
7:31 pm
were told. miss ryan's security guard, joe morris. >> jesse: and he put his hands on you? >> yes. >> jesse: what did he do specifically physically to you? >> i was able to retrieve the camera, as you can see in the video, and then he won't give me any space, stays right near me. i'm trying to use the camera to get an image of him, to make sure i get -- document who he is, and he doesn't want that to happen, so he is sticking his hand in the face of the camera, hitting the microphone, and i kind of snuck away to get some space from him, and he chased me down, grabbed my arm, twisted my arm behind my back. >> jesse: wow. and you are not an ideological opponent of miss ryan. >> when i left the house that day, i was a fan of hers. i was looking forward to seeing her remarks, may be learning a thing or two since she has been a journalist longer than i have. >> jesse: so the press attacked freedom of the press, in your opinion? >> this was an attack on our
7:32 pm
freedoms, yes, absolutely. this cannot stand. >> jesse: we reached out to hear from april ryan. she has not exercised her first amendment rights, and neither has cnn. neither has american urban radio networks. unfortunately, she is just going to try to ride this out, i guess, and pretend it has not happened, even though it is all over the internet. i think we have a tweet from her from a little while back, can we put this tweet up? it says "i have never seen anything like this in this country by a president and his administration -- speaking of trump. freedom of the press, we are not in russia or china. our jobs are to ask questions. a lot of times questions they don't like. what in the world." that's from last july. and she's accusing the trump administration of being like china and russia. and then, in august 2019, she
7:33 pm
herself, and her squad, acts like china and russia. think that is hypocritical? >> i think this is supremely ironic and unexpected, and certainly not behavior that is befitting somebody who knows journalism. to somebody who has been in the field for a long time. she wouldn't want to be treated like that, so i don't see why she can come in to my community, and have her people come and violate our laws like that. an attack freedom of the press. this was absolutely an attack on a journalist who was just there to do his job. >> jesse: charlie, thanks. this whole ordeal, quite hypocritical of april ryan, who made a name for herself at white house press briefings, demanding accountability. >> has he thought about stepping down, before now? >> no, i think that is a ridiculous question. were moving on. >> it's not ridiculous. >> i let you rudely interrupted me and her colleague, i'm going to ask that you allow me to
7:34 pm
finish my answer. >> you choose not to call on me. >> go ahead. >> you are not going to answer that? speak and when i call on you, i will be happy to -- >> you are not going to answer me? >> go ahead go ahead. >> jesse: back with me now, dan bongino, fox news contributor, and chris hahn, former chuck schumer aid and host of the podcast. imagine if sarah sanders had treated april ryan the way april ryan treated this guy. it's crazy. >> people would be calling for sarah to be in handcuffs, are you kidding me? do you understand, jesse, how embarrassing this story is? she works for a network, april ryan, that has promoted a baseless conspiracy theory against the president for now close to what two and half years? lies about the president. while that network complains about the president being an enemy of the press, while the
7:35 pm
same president -- jesse, you've been with fox for a while. have you ever seen a president do as many pressers as this guy? every time he jumps on marine one, he answers 200 questions. >> jesse: the most transparent president we have ever had. i guess they think he is too transparent. >> while their employee a goes manhandled a press guy for just setting up a camera. i mean, the irony here is as thick as pea soup, it's really a bad look for cnn. >> jesse: chris, jim acosta, someone sneezes and he writes a book about how he is under siege. they have someone physically manhandling a reporter who is on their own team -- ideologically -- and they bury it and don't want to talk about it, pretend like it never happened. >> so, i will say -- i will give you the point, it was embarrassing. i don't think reporters have been thrown out like that. i don't know the full situation, if there's was a situation --
7:36 pm
>> jesse: you heard him say there were other photographers there documenting the speech. >> i heard him say it, but i don't know the full story here, and i don't think you do, either. but i will point this out, there is a big difference between the president of the united states and the press secretary. and a reporter giving a private speech. you guys understand the difference between the president, wright, who is -- >> jesse: i understand the difference. >> hold on. and a reporter giving a speech, might have been a paid speech. i don't know if you know anyone who has given a paid speech, that you have a contract for who can and cannot be there. they are not open to the press -- >> jesse: it was open to the press, he was the only one booted. and down, i'm wondering why she didn't want this guy there. what was april ryan going to say that was so secret and so private? >> like april ryan has the nuclear football in the back room, and she was going --
7:37 pm
>> jesse: does she have edgy material she doesn't want to get out there? i mean, come on. >> i just told you why! >> give me a break, it's a total joke. and chris, listen. if you weren't in the political world, i was in the secret service world, you know they intersect. we have both done events, don't be naive about this. you know this was handled completely wrong. you never, ever steal their stuff and then roughhousing guy -- i mean, this is the biggest rookie move ever. cnn, you need to seriously reevaluate -- >> i conceded that point. it was mishandled, but let me just answer jesse's question. when people give speeches for a living, they don't want it recorded because they want to give the speech somewhere else. >> jesse: i use new material, i'm not going to recycle stuff to a different --
7:38 pm
>> every city, every speech -- >> jesse: i always have fresh stuff, i want to kick you out, i promise. i want to play a sound bite from the same kook that accused president of the united states of raising and lowering the flag according to nazi numerology. role late. >> this is why it is so important to look through the lens of radicalization, when you look at and apply a counter radicalization techniques. if you call trump followers racist en masse, they coalesce around each other and become more defensive. protect the leader, just as they would in a terrorist organization, to complain to the radicalization process. >> jesse: the media just compared to trump voters to racists. >> you know, i can't believe this guy is still allowed on the
7:39 pm
air. this is the 88 numerology astrology guy who found in the gemini quadrant, b lowering of the white house -- how this guy is still on the air is bizarre. the bigger story is not about frank -- fbi should tell this guy to stop using their name. it's really a story about msnbc, willing to put complete lunatics on the air, who will say absolutely anything at any time as long as it makes trump look bad. >> jesse: chris, that's what this is about. they have lost the momentum since the russia hoax evaporated, run on an entirely fake premise, it was a conspiracy theory. the ratings have suffered, so now they keep having to put tin foil, flamethrowers out there so the audience gets their fix from the trump derangement syndrome. >> all right -- look. that guy is a little kooky, i
7:40 pm
will give you that. >> jesse: chris, you are great tonight, conceding every point. >> you can't paint the entire media with a broad brush based on one analyst. what if everyone on fox news painted fox news by what i said? give me a break. >> jesse: i'm just saying, terrorist attacking innocent people, that's exactly what msnbc is doing, they are attacking innocent american -- >> knock it off, come on. you are doing the same thing! >> jesse: i'm just using their words against them. let's knock it off, all right? you can't be a nazi, sexist, racist, and terrorist. it's too much, just stick to one, guys. >> agreed with us twice tonight. >> jesse: i know. we're going to have him back now. we'll catch up with you guys soon. continue to follow development in philadelphia, and we are going to bring you any and all updates as we get them. stay tuned.
7:41 pm
coming up, raymond arroyo is here for "seen and unseen." controversial rapper teaming up with the nfl to change society. and cardi b and bernie sanders, what are they, the new eight couple? raymond has got the answers to that next.
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
7:44 pm
>> able to successfully extract the two police officers that were trapped upstairs, as well as three prisoners. if they were all taken out safely thus far. however, this male is still holed up inside here. >> jesse: that was the philadelphia police commissioner breaking down the latest developments in a standoff in north philadelphia. it had been a hostage situation, and now it just looks like a lone gunman is barricaded inside a residential home. he has an ar-15 and multiple handguns, has already fired over 100 rounds, and six officers have been shot, and we are hearing that the six officers have been released from the hospital. and if we get more breaking developments, we will bring them to you as they come in. time now for our "seen and
7:45 pm
unseen" segment, where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. the nfl joins forces with a music giant, and bernie sanders pairs off with cardi b. joining us now with all the details is raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. raymond, tell us about this unbelievable press conference that took place today, announcing a new partnership between the nfl and jay-z. >> raymond: jesse, the colin kaepernick kneeling protest during the national anthem and raged nfl fans. while inspiring some of the nfl players -- to channel the player protest over what they described as police brutality on this night of all nights, the nfl committed $89 million to something called "inspire change," that is their social justice program. today, roger caddell appeared with the man headlining that effort for the nfl, jay-z. >> this partnership, in addition to the entertainment aspect,
7:46 pm
bringing football and music to together, going to make even greater change. we call it protest progress beard we need to make progress with communities. >> just having a place where we can have these conversations, things are going wrong in the country, you know, people are diane, in these neighborhoods, okay, where do we go, again, everyone, it's a natural emotion to be upset, but where do we go now? what are we going to do? how do we fix it? >> raymond: the idea here, jesse, is to use music and social activism to change society. jay-z, during the presser, identified police brutality as the target of their efforts. now this is the guy who grafted this, incidentally. ♪ ♪ your stopping me because i'm young and i'm black ♪ ♪ do i look like a mind reader
7:47 pm
♪ i don't know >> raymond: turned down performing at the super bowl. now it's a huge platform, no doubt worth millions and millions of dollars. like that, jay-z said he is willing to work with people who he disagrees with politically. that's not a bad thing. that, i will commend him for. but let's not lose sight of what the nfl is. it's football! i'm quite certain these fans are not paying high prices to protest cops, particularly with what you covered earlier tonight in philadelphia. i think that is the last thing on the minds of nfl fans. but they -- the nfl -- need to embrace jay-z's vision of social justice bid this is a guy who stole drugs, stabbed his brother in the face, but still this partnership is being billed as a way to unify america. as memory serves, jay-z had a hard time you're flying with his sister-in-law, solange knowles. >> as soon as the doors closed, beyonce's to start with her attention jay-z, seemingly
7:48 pm
shouting at him, punching and kicking him, and finally smacking him with her purse. >> raymond: okay >> jesse: okay, this is my first raymond arroyo segment, but a loss for words. i would say this, raymond. it seems like big organizations like the nfl, or like nike is doing with kaepernick, they are bringing on the social justice liaisons to help them navigate through tender issues, racial issues, things like that, that might give these big organizations problems, and if you bring a guy with street cred, ears to the street, great credibility in the black community, that can kind of cushion any sort of negative press that organization could face. >> raymond: jesse, there is an out -- look. they're trying to buy cred in the community come up with the nfl is doing. jay-z will have creative control over who sings at the
7:49 pm
super bowl, who is part of nfl productions. this is a major -- >> jesse: he gets to pick the super bowl halftime show? >> raymond: yes, he does. >> jesse: what? >> raymond: yes. >> jesse: beyonce singing next year. >> raymond: checking on bernie and cardi another time. >> jesse: thank you very much, raymond, i appreciate it. antifa threatens to turn a west coast city into a violent mass. a journalist recently attacked by those thugs is here with a warning for that city, next. rd r longest-lasting aa battery goes to... (cymbal crash) energizer ultimate lithium. guinness world records title holder for longest-lasting aa battery.
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♪ >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> jesse: those are masked antifa thugs attacking journalist andy ngo last month in portland, oregon, sending it to the hospital with brain bleeds. now, portland again preparing for all hell to break loose as antifa plans counter protests too far right valleys this weekend. mayor ted wheeler had this message with those planning violence. >> to those of you who plan on using portland on august 17th as a platform to spread your hate,
7:53 pm
you are not welcome here. [applause] to those who promote violence during otherwise peaceful demonstrations, you are not welcome here. >> jesse: here now is one of those victims, andy ngo. and harmeet dhillon, auntie's attorney and member of trump's 2020 advisory board paired before we get to this weekends rally, you have not gotten justice for the violent attack you suffered at the hands of antifa. when it was clearly documented on video and multiple police officers were surrounding the incident. what the heck is going on right now? >> we are coming on for six weeks now since the evening that happened in front of the sheriff's office and central police precincts. there has not been a single arrest. >> jesse: i mean, do you think that is purposeful dereliction of duty on behalf of, i guess, the local d.a., the police, the
7:54 pm
mayor's office? or do you think they just can't find the guy? it looks pretty clear who it is. >> i don't know. i hope with the legal counsel i have, i'm a client for approval he is lax, we are looking for where the evidence will lead in this. >> jesse: harmeet, you are representing andy. he never seen anything like this before. can something be done? public pressure brought upon the mayor? the mayor just seems feckless in the face of all of this. >> we actually have seen it before, jesse. we've seen it in portland, and we have seen it with andy. this is actually the third time and he was assaulted in portland, he was assaulted on may 1st, but a week later, as well, and that on the horrific attack that you just showed. it is in one incident. this is like a horror version of groundhog day. same thing keeps happening again and again and again.
7:55 pm
the mayor, who was also the police commissioner, waves his hands around, and if you actually watch an entire press conference, which is a ludicrous p.r. stunt, you would think the biggest problem in portland is oppression -- colonial oppression, and white supremacist, and that sort of thing. >> jesse: they have it totally backwards. or all of the people that are trying to go to portland or that live in portland, this weekend, just keep your head on a swivel pier all hell is going to break loose if what is being predicted actually happens. the mayor has no control, i guess the police department follows the orders of the mayor, because whatever is going to happen, they are just going to spin it, because there is going to be a dozen right wing radicals, and then massive amounts of armed and masked antifas going to come in, and there's going to be violence, and then police are not going to do anything about it. is that we were going to see, probably, andy? >> the whole thing is a
7:56 pm
powder keg. i need to remind everyone that this event is looming in the shadow of recent mass shootings of the two far left and far right ideologues, and there are fringe elements on both sides coming this weekend. broadcasting -- all of that -- >> jesse: we have to hold, right now, milk shakes or clubs, no one brings weapons. because if that is the case, we could see some serious, serious injuries. all right, guys, thank you, and good luck, andy. we are getting new information, video, that is, from the police standoff in philly. we will update you next. r winds. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large.
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it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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♪ >> jesse: this is a live look at the philadelphia home where a suspect was holed up after shooting six police officers. the standoff now entering its seventh hour while the officers have been released from the
8:00 pm
hospital. the police just began negotiating with the suspect within the last hour. and we just want to salute all the law enforcement involved with all of their sacrifice and bravery. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team, take it away from here, shannon. >> shannon: we most certainly do come with jesse they are out there every single day. thank you so much. tonight the fox news alert, police officer shot during an hour long shoot out and it started with narcotics officers with a drug warrant on drug-related charges. some of the officers barricaded in the house with the shooter for hours. we will take it their life and we will break in throughout the hour to get updates. also tonight a win for the pro-life movement. plan parenthood said after emergency by the ninth circuit it will withdraw from federally funded title x program. the new role for the trump administration bands clinics performing abortions for forming women to abortion clinics


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